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This repository collects functions submitted for inclusion in a UCB Department of Demography R package.

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DemogBerkeley R package

This subproject collects R functions submitted for inclusion in a UCB Department of Demography R package. In the first phase, we will focus on assembling R functions for working with HMD and HFD data. Information on the project goals and on other subprojects can be found at the main page.

The R code hosted here is already an infant R package, which means you can install it and use (test, play) with it as you wish. Bugs and issue reports are more than welcome. The procedures described in the installation README have the same effect as running install.packages() in R, meaning that later you'll be able to load the package by simply entering library(DemogBerkeley) in the console (or RStudio, or whatever). Later down the road we will provide some tutorials for getting started.


Standard documentation can be found here, with an index of function names, linked to the help files. There aren't many yet, but just wait. The aesthetics will get better too.

How to get involved

This project is in a very early stage. Please submit functions to the maintainer, Tim Riffe (, for consideration. These may include general utilities for reading in or reshaping particular datasets, estimation or projection functions, cleaning functions, plotting functions, or other items of interest.

Function and argument names will be standardized, and we may attempt to optimize functions. The job is easier if functions already come documented using roxygen headers (see files in the /R/ folder for examples on how to do that). Once a large enough family of functions is produced, these may be divided up into use-specific packages. Functions or methods currently in another medium, such as matlab or Excel spreadsheets my also be submitted, and these may be translated into R as time permits. Collaboration and support are greatly appreciated!

At this time the priority is to create a friendly web interface and collect functions submitted by peers.